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FPE calc
Find the foot-pounts of energy of the exiting pellet
Pellet Weight: Grain
Velocity: FPS

Foot-Pounds of Energy (FPE)

FPS calc
Find the velocity, feet per second, of the exiting pellet
Energy: FPE
Pellet Weight: Grain

Feet Per Second (FPS)
Ballistic coefficient
Calculated from retained velocity at two distances
Nearest Distance: Yards
Farthest Distance: Yards
Velocity at Near Distance: FPS
Velocity at Far Distance: FPS

Ballistic Coefficient
Retained velocity
See how much velocity is retained at point of impact
Muzzle Velocity: FPS
Range to Target: Yards
Ballistic Coefficient:

Retained FPS
Tank Fill calc
Determine how many fills you can get with your airgun

Convert Pressure


Tank Capacity cu. ft.
Tank Pressure psi
Fill Airgun To This Pressure psi
Refill Airgun At This Pressure psi
Airgun Cylinder Has This Volume cc
Carbon fiber tank vs. a standard scuba tank

to standard 3000 psi 80 cu. ft. tank...


*Note...a negative number means the standard tank cannot fill even once!