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24 Hour Leak Service Test

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24-Hour PCP Leak Test for $10.00

Ensure Your PCP AirGun's Integrity

Invest in peace of mind for just $10.00 and safeguard your PCP AirGun from potential leaks. Our dedicated technicians offer a comprehensive service that includes:

  1. Unboxing your rifle and filling it with air. While it may not reach maximum pressure, (Regulated PCPs will surpass the manufacturer's stated regulator pressure during the test).

  2. Allowing the gun to remain idle for 24 hours while carefully monitoring the fill pressure.

  3. Once the 24-hour period concludes without any pressure drop, we meticulously repackage your PCP for secure shipping.

  4. Our technicians will keep a record of the date of the test.

  5. We will also keep the record of the tested gun's name and serial number, ensuring we have completed the pressure test.

Choose our 24-Hour PCP Leak Test for a worry-free experience.