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AEA Magazines (SF/HP Carbine / HP SS / HP Varmint / HP Standard CE)

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***The price is for (1) magazine. Not a pack of (3)***

AEA Magazines (SF/HP Carbine / HP SS / HP Varmint / HP Standard CE)

Enhance your shooting experience with AEA Airgun Magazines. Designed to fit a variety of AEA air rifles, these magazines ensure seamless compatibility and reliable ammunition feeding. Whether you own an SF Compact, Standard, or Sniper model, an HP Carbine or Carbine TD, an HP SS or HP SS Plus, an HP Varmint, or an HP Standard Customized Edition, AEA Airgun Magazines have got you covered.

With shot counts of 12 shots for 22 Caliber, 10 shots for 25 Caliber, and 9 shots for 30 Caliber, these magazines provide ample ammunition to keep you shooting without interruption. Enjoy the convenience of quick and easy reloading, allowing you to stay focused on your target and maximize your shooting sessions.

Experience the reliability and precision of AEA Airgun Magazines, purpose-built to enhance your shooting performance. Upgrade your airgun with the perfect magazine designed to meet your specific needs. Unleash the full potential of your airgun and take your shooting skills to new heights with AEA Airgun Magazines.


  • SF Compact / Standard / Sniper

  • HP Carbine & Carbine TD

  • HP SS & HP SS Plus

  • HP Varmint

  • HP Standard Customized Edition 


Shot Count:

  • 22 Cal - 12 Shots

  • 25 Cal - 10 Shots

  • 30 Cal - 9 Shots


    • Must be 18 and over to purchase airguns.
    • Please check local and state laws.
    • Never point airguns at a person or any living thing.
    • Airguns can cause serious injury or death.
    • Review manual prior to initial use