Custom AEA Terminator 2 .30 Cal - Precision SEMI AUTO - AirGun Tactical
Custom AEA Terminator 2 .30 Cal - Precision SEMI AUTO - AirGun Tactical
Custom AEA Terminator 2 .30 Cal - Precision SEMI AUTO - AirGun Tactical

Custom AEA Terminator 2 .30 Cal - Precision SEMI AUTO

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Custom AEA Precision Terminator 2 .30 Cal - SEMI AUTO

Experience the power and precision of the AEA PRECISION TERMINATOR - .30 Semi Auto PCP Air Rifle. This semi-auto airgun is designed to deliver maximum accuracy and power while still being simple and easy to use. Perfect for hunting or target shooting, the AEA PRECISION TERMINATOR provides speed and control with minimal kickback and effort. With its ergonomic design and intuitive controls, you can enjoy long hours of shooting without fatigue. Enjoy the satisfaction of each precise shot with the AEA Precision Terminator air rifle. Shop now and experience the power of precision!

BinTac Customized Terminator .30 Cal Gen 2 With 600CC Front And 250CC Rear Tank CNC Stock Attached and Lebo 3-12X40LSF Scope 

Package includes:

  • Terminator 30 Cal with Enhanced system can be used from 4500PSI
  • Lebo 3-12x40LSF Scope
  • 600CC Front Tank with Bipoid Clamp
  • 250CC Rear Tank with CNC Stock Attached
  • Fill Probe

Muzzle Velocity:

  • .30 Cal 1000FPS JSB 52GR 130FPE


  • 10 Shot Magazine .30 Cal
  • Barrel Length: 20 Inches SHROUDED 
  • Pressure: .30 850CC Front 4500 PSI MAX FILL 
  • Overall Length: 42 Inches
  • Butt-Stock Folded: 32 Inches
  • Action: Semiautomatic
  • Weight: 9.5Lbs
  • Optic: Picatinny

Newly Added:

  • Bubble Level for more accuracy
  • Tactical Chassis for more tactical Installation
  • Power Adjustment for using either Slugs or Pellets
  • Newly Designed Mags for Bigger slugs
  • Lighter Trigger Pull to increase the Accuracy
  • Removable bottle with pressure 4500 psi max fill pressure
  • Mass weight:7.2lbs Integral shroud Single shot, semi-auto freely switch. 

    Attention: Please do NOT place your order if you don't know how to use a PCP. We check every PCP that we ship to make sure its a working and holding air.  We do not accept excuses saying it does not work after you shoot it, we do not accept returns unless it is an actual factory defective gun. All the return shipping and handling will be payed by buyer not seller, all returns will be charged a 30% restocking fee. "I do not like it, it's too big or too heavy, etc..." will cost you 30% restocking fee, Think carefully before placing your order, thank you for understanding!

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      • Airguns can cause serious injury or death.
      • Review manual prior to initial use.
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