Zeus Gen 2 48/72 CAL 10 Custom Inch Barrel Super Shorty - AirGun Tactical
Zeus Gen 2 48/72 CAL 10 Custom Inch Barrel Super Shorty - AirGun Tactical

Zeus Gen 2 48/72 CAL 10 Custom Inch Barrel Super Shorty

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ZEUS .58/.72 Cal Custom 10 Inch Barrel Super Shorty

Package Details:

  • (1) Zeus .58 or .72 Cal (Gen2) 10 Inch Customized Version
  • Muzzle Break Installed
  • Tank: 250CC
  • Fill: 4500 PSI Good for three high powered shots!

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  1. NOE Bullet Molds:

    • Website: NOE Bullet Molds
    • NOE manufactures high-quality bullet molds, including large caliber options. They offer a wide range of designs and sizes to meet the needs of shooters and reloaders.
  2. Accurate Molds:

    • Website: Accurate Molds
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  3. Lee Precision:

    • Website: Lee Precision
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  4. Arsenal Molds:

    • Website: Arsenal Molds
    • Arsenal Molds specializes in custom bullet mold design and manufacturing. They can create molds for large caliber bullets based on specific customer requirements.

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