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AEA MEGALODON: The World's First Big Bore Pump-Action Air Shotgun


Introducing the AEA MEGALODON: The World's First Big Bore Pump-Action Shotgun-Style Air Rifle

The world of airguns is continually evolving, with innovations that cater to both seasoned shooters and newcomers alike. One groundbreaking addition to this ever-expanding arsenal is the AEA MEGALODON—a pump-action style big bore air rifle designed to redefine shooting experiences.

A Closer Look at the AEA MEGALODON

The AEA MEGALODON is not your average air rifle. With its robust build and impressive features, this airgun stands out in the crowd. Let’s delve into what makes the MEGALODON a must-have for shooting enthusiasts:

1. Pump-Action Power

The pump-action mechanism of the MEGALODON ensures rapid and reliable shooting. This feature not only enhances the airguns performance but also provides shooters with an exhilarating shooting experience.

2. Versatile Caliber Options

The MEGALODON comes in various caliber options—.35 Cal, .45 CAL, .50 CAL, and .58 CAL—allowing shooters to choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences. Whether you're into hunting or target shooting, there's a MEGALODON caliber for you.

3. Impressive Magazine Capacity

Equipped with a generous magazine capacity, the MEGALODON allows shooters to fire multiple shots without the need for frequent reloading. This feature is particularly beneficial during intense shooting sessions or hunting trips.

4. Adjustable Barrel Length

The MEGALODON offers two barrel length options—15 inches and 22 inches—providing shooters with added flexibility and customization. The longer barrel length ensures improved accuracy and muzzle velocity, making it an ideal choice for long-range shooting.

5. High Muzzle Energy

With its high muzzle energy, the MEGALODON delivers powerful shots that can penetrate even the toughest targets. This feature makes it a formidable airgun in various shooting scenarios.

Pre-Order Your AEA MEGALODON Today

The AEA MEGALODON is now available for pre-order, with very limited stock expected to arrive by the end of April. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this exceptional pump-action big bore air rifle. Reserve yours today and experience the next level of shooting excellence.


The AEA MEGALODON is more than just an airgun; it's a game-changer in the world of shooting sports. With its innovative features, versatile caliber options, and impressive performance, the MEGALODON promises to deliver an unmatched shooting experience. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a newcomer looking to explore the world of airguns, the MEGALODON is sure to impress.

So, what are you waiting for? Pre-order your AEA MEGALODON today and join the ranks of satisfied shooters who have experienced the power and precision of this exceptional pump-action big bore air rifle.

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