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Unleashed Power and Precision: BinTac S45 AirGun Series

Introducing the BinTac S45 AirGun Series - a lineup of powerful and precision-engineered semi-automatic air rifles designed to push the boundaries of performance. With options like the S45 Regular, S45 Mini, S45 Mini Compact, and the S45 .35-.45 Mini Compact, this series offers exceptional power, accuracy, and versatility for airgun enthusiasts. In this comprehensive and SEO-optimized blog post, we will delve into the specifications, features, and accessories of the BinTac S45 AirGun Series, showcasing why these rifles stand out in the market.

The BinTac S45 AirGun Series packs impressive power and performance. Featuring a semi-auto action pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) system, these air rifles deliver a max muzzle velocity of 800+ fps with 200 GR, producing a remarkable 406 Joules / 300 Foot Pounds Energy (FPE). The 6-shot magazine in .45 caliber (11.43mm) BIG BORE ensures substantial stopping power for various shooting applications. Equipped with an integral shroud silencer and muzzle brake, these rifles offer enhanced noise reduction and recoil management.

The S45 Regular and S45 Mini Compact models feature a 350CC air tube, while the S45 .357 Mini Compact model comes with dual tanks (Front 250CC / Rear 250CC). The maximum fill pressure for all models is 4500 PSI. The S45 Regular boasts a barrel length of 13 inches, folded length of 26 inches, and an overall length of 36 inches, weighing in at 8 pounds. These dimensions provide a perfect balance of maneuverability and accuracy for various shooting scenarios.

The BinTac S45 .45/ S45 .357 Mini Compact bundle includes the B&W S45/357Mini rifle, dual tanks (Front 250CC / Rear 250CC), rear buttstock attachment for the tank, and two magazines. The S45 Mini Compact variant shares the same specifications as the S45 but features a 9-inch barrel and an upgraded front tank with a 350cc carbon fiber tank. It does not include a rear stock.

The BinTac S45 AirGun Series comes with various accessories to enhance your shooting experience. The upgraded CNC BinTac buttstock with a cheek riser is included with the S45 Regular, providing added comfort and stability. The bundle also includes two detachable CNC magazines for quick and convenient reloading. Additionally, a fill probe is provided for easy air filling.

The BinTac S45 AirGun Series showcases unrivaled power, precision, and versatility. With their semi-auto action, high muzzle velocity, and 6-shot magazines, these air rifles are engineered to exceed expectations. Whether you choose the S45 Regular, S45 Mini, S45 Mini Compact, or the S45 .35-.45 Mini Compact, you can expect a phenomenal shooting experience. With a range of accessories included, the BinTac S45 AirGun Series offers everything you need to unleash your shooting potential.

Experience the BinTac S45 AirGun Series and embrace the perfect combination of power, precision, and reliability. Elevate your airgun adventures to new heights with the BinTac S45 AirGun Series.

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